Custom Travel Design

Planning a simple vacation can be time-consuming and more than a little frustrating; do a search for a hotel in Paris, and you will quickly see how overwhelming it can become. This is where I come in; I have personally curated a global network of trusted travel professionals and in-country partners; removing the uncertainty and ensuring unique, amazing travel experiences with every journey. 

I will design an adventure customized to you, with plenty of mind-blowing experiences and the downtime to appreciate them.

 Romantic getaway’s, solo adventures, family vacations; or a group of your friends or family who want to create unforgettable memories – leave the details to me.

Making Dreams Come True

My passion for travel was inspired by my grandmother, each year on the last day of school; she would pack me, my sister and piles of luggage into her green Ford we drove like the West Wind, seeking new adventures and exotic destinations.

The green Pinto days are long gone, but my passion for adventure remains.  I have traveled extensively throughout the world would love to hear about your travel dreams, bucket lists, and experiences.

Where does your West Wind take you?

Jim King
Co-Founder & Travel Designer

Turning a Vision into Reality

There was a moment when I was standing in the South African bush surrounded by zebra and staring up at the Milky Way, and I realized, "This is it, a soul changing, defining a moment in my life, I want everyone that I know to experience this."

We have spent our time since that moment meeting experts and building relations across the globe so that we can be part of enabling your 'Milky Way" inspiration.

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