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Hi, I'm Jim
Nice to Meet You

I love reading, caramel lattes, 80's music, dive bars, and long walks on the beach. Sounds like a cliché dating profile doesn't it?

It's not uncommon to find me sitting in the sunshine,  faithful mutt by my side, reading a very nerdy fantasy novel.

I've spent years building lifelong relationships and working as a project manager in the tech industry. Roles that require attentive diligence, organization, and empathy.  


Now, I use my powers for good;  crafting custom, luxury vacations, and honeymoons for people just like you.

Travel to Uganda see Gorillas with Zephyr

My Origin Story

My passion for travel is inspired by my grandmother, each year on the last day of school; she would pack me, my sister, and piles of luggage into her green Ford we drove like the West Wind, seeking new adventures and exotic destinations.

The green Pinto days are long gone, but my passion for adventure remains.  

Making a Dream Reality

There was a moment when I was standing in the South African bush, surrounded by zebra and staring up at the Milky Way, when I realized, "This is it, a soul-changing, defining moment in my life, I want everyone that I know to experience this."

Zephyr Travel Curators was born from this moment, inspired by my grandmothers' sense of adventure, a green pinto that ran like the West Wind, and a South African 'Milky Way Moment"

"After our first meet, he researched options and brought back ideas to help me reach my goals.  The trip turned out to be wonderful!  I worried about nothing but enjoying each moment visiting both Chile and Argentina"
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