Easter Island Exclusive

Get away from it all, literally, and discover Easter Island, the world’s most isolated stretch of land. A speck in the mighty Pacific Ocean, the remote island is abundant in archaeological treasures.

  • Take in the immensity and power of the moai, the enormous stone heads and torsos that dot the eerie yet beautiful landscape. Roam the ancient hills and valleys blanketed in an almost mythical quiet, and explore Rapa Nui’s megalithic past. At night, rest in luxurious accommodations that offer style and sophistication.

  • Before exploring ancient ruins, explore the Casa del Bosque boutique winery on the outskirts of Santiago, and select from their “Reserva” and “Grand Reserve” wines.

  • Head for Easter Island and view Motu Tautara and the dramatic Las Dos Ventanas cave. Trek the Ara O Te Moai, the trail once used to transport the famous moai sculptures and view numerous overturned moai along the way. Climb the moai stone quarry, Rano Raraku, which offers spectacular views of the interior crater. Continue walking along the crater’s edge until you come to the dazzling natural rock pools at One Makihi.

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